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Welcome to my website! I have no idea what I'm doing!

I tried to have a tumblr blog and a pinterest, but neither of those bring me any peace of mind. In highschool seniors had to do a capstone project that basically counted for 50% of our grade. I"ve always been and artsy kinda gal so I wanted to make a webcomic -.- Turns out I am really bad at that!. So I want to get better by learning to stay committed or whatever. It would be nice if I could learn how to create my own website and put my chicken scratch there.


Right now I'm trying to add some color. On the lil preview I have to view this site its pink but when I click on it it's white.

My webcomic was originally gonna be borderline tolkien fanfic but I had an ephiphany wrt having 2 homo dykes be the mc instead of 2 moids.

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I geuss webp files are not supported? I dont know why those exist why not just be a gif?

I miss hetalia a lot. I'm thinking about trying to buy the manga version and the final seasons on dvd.

Nyotalia means so much to me I love them so much

I found some free to use layouts so im gonna figure out how to actually make my sit look good! if i like the results im going to keep the layout and credit the coder!

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